First  Baptist Church Jefferson Park
      615-42nd Street - Newport News,VA  23607
Office (757) 380-0274   -    Fax (757) 380-0292
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First Baptist Church Jefferson Park
615-42nd Street - Newport News - VA  23607
Phone 757-380-0274   Fax  757-380-0292


Frequently Asked Questions

What time are your Sunday worship services?  

Our worship service starts promptly at 9:30 pm

When do you serve Holy Communion? 

Communion is served every 1st Sunday on the month

What is the typical Sunday attire?
At FBCJP, you will see a variety of styles - from suits and dresses to slacks and jeans. The most important thing is to come dressed in a way that you feel comfortable to worship God. Our dress code is "casual, but godly.

Who leads the church?
 Under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, Rev Dr. Reginald C. Woodhouse leads the First Baptist Church Jefferson Park. God called Pastor Woodhouse to Jefferson Park in 1989, and he leads with guidance from the  

How do I join First Baptist Church Jefferson Park?

Joining a church is a big decision, and we are honored that you are considering becoming a disciple of  Jesus Christ at FBCJP.  Toward the end of our worship service, an altar call is extended to anyone who has made an decision to give their heart to Jesus Christ- repent and/or accept Jesus Christ as their  personal Saviour (followed by water baptism) . This is one of the best ways to get connected to our church.  You can also join First Baptist Jefferson Park by christian experience, church letter or reinstatement.

 How can I serve in one of the FBCG ministries?   

There are many ministries available for our members at FBCJP.  All new members must attend  eight (8) weeks of discipleship/New Members class.  After the completion of the New Members Class all new members are encouraged to serve in ministries  of interest.

How long does worship service normally last?
Our regular worship service is approximately two hours, but that timeframe is subject to change under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes we do. Please contact the church office (757) 380-0274 or church transportation (757) 597-5713.

 If you have any additional questions, we invite you to call the church office at
 (757) 380-0274 or email us at